Services We Provide

Primary Care Additional Roles

Pennine GP Alliance employ a number of clinicians and healthcare professionals who work across four of the Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in Calderdale. This includes recruitment and induction right through to supporting them in role. We do this to help relieve pressure on GP practices and to provide care to patients across a Primary Care Network Footprint. 

Sometimes referred to as ‘additional roles’ or ‘ARRS’, these highly skilled professionals are embedded within GP practices and local communities, working alongside traditional general practice roles such as a GP, practice nurse, healthcare assistant or phlebotomist. 

AARS, which stands for Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme, is a programme in the UK designed to expand the primary care workforce by introducing additional roles in general practice, therefore enhancing the quality-of-service patients receive and supporting GPs in managing demanding caseloads.

In Calderdale, our four PCNs select the roles that will best support their demographic of patients. Click here to see across Calderdale the staff members patients could have access to.